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Science based exercise prescription

Coach Aden is an exercise scientist, cyclist and an ex professional motocross rider who uses the latest in sports science research to help athletes achieve their sporting or personal goals. Aden is passionate about having a close coach to athlete relationship to help understand what is the best program for each individual athlete.  


Motocross coaching with Coach Aden focuses on four aspects of coaching (physical fitness, nutrition, mental training and skill development). With Coach Aden you get daily programming and once a month private skill tuition to nail those technical skills on a motocross bike. 


Coach Aden is an elite level cyclist and understands every athlete is different. Aden works with elite level athletes through to club level to achieve any goal whether it be racing, gran fondos or just wanting to improve your athletic performance. 


Whether it be short course or long course triathlon Coach Aden can help you reach your goals with the latest in sports science. Aden has even done a Half Ironman himself to help him understand the demands of triathlon better. 


Get the edge on your competition with coaching that is more than just a cycling program. Coach Aden focuses on all aspects of mountain biking (physical fitness, mental training, nutrition and most importantly skills development). With Coach Aden being an ex professional motocross and supercross rider the skills transfer to the MTB is very similair.

For 2017 Aden's goal is to compete in the Enduro World Series in NZ and Tasmania


Aden has been my cycling coach for a year now. His extensive knowledge, professional experience and understanding of not only biomechanics, but all areas of sports combined with his friendly nature and passion for your success, make him the best coach to help me achieve my dreams and goals. If you want a coach who will reciprocate, in coaching, what you put into your sport then Aden de Jager is the coach for you
— Sam Mobberley
When I started racing crits I knew I should be training properly but had no idea where to start.
Working with Aden has taken the guess work out of training with purpose and my fitness and results have improved out of site because of it. He really takes the time to plan my workouts to get the best outcome for me based not just on my upcoming goals but how I’ll responding to training. I would highly recommend Aden, if its got two wheels and you can race it, there is no one better.
— York Bratley